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High Temperature Chain Oil: RPL-B50

Product Description:

The RPL-B50 is a unique product that combines a custom formulation of self-lubricating powders and a quick-evaporating synthetic carrier fluid that evaporates cleanly and quickly to leave an excellent barrier of dry film lubrication for extreme high temperature lubrication. It contains a high concentration of metallic powder additives including copper, MoS and graphite.  It is intended to be a dry lubricant that does not drip, smoke or flake. It does not leave any gummy build-ups and does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

RPL-B50 penetrates the close tolerances to create a soft, long-lasting protective film and is designed to be non-flammable and odourless. It reduces frictional drag and wear, extends application life, and reduces power consumption when compared with more conventional graphite lubricants.  RPL-B50 contains a much higher content of self-lubricating solids (25% by weight) which results in a more even application, extended lube intervals, and reduced overall power consumption. 

The RPL-B50 is designed especially for bakery applications operating up to and beyond 400C (750F). It is especially effective for oven chains in which the self-lubricating solids are delivered to the inner parts of chain mechanisms by the carrier fluid which then evaporates. It may be applied directly without reducing oven temperatures while the chain is hot which leads to considerable time and energy savings - ovens do not need to be cooled in order to service the equipment.

Rpl-B50 is also found in conveyor and chain drive systems in industrial plants, pulp and paper, mining and construction manufacturing.


Features and Benefits:

• Extreme high temperature protection

• Extends lube intervals, especially compared with traditional graphite lubricants

• Does not contain any volatile organic components (VOCs)

• Does not contain any silicones

• Eliminates gummy residues, prolongs equipment life

• Ash-less and residue-free protection

• Good corrosion and rust protection

• May be applied without reducing oven temperatures, even while chains are hot.

Typical Operating Properties:

ISO Grade (carrier) 150 --
Colour Black --
127.5 cSt ASTM D445
21.7 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 200+ ASTM D2270
Flash Point 198C / 390F ASTM D92
Fire Point 218C / 425F ASTM D92
Pour Point -34C / -30F ASTM D97
Rust Test Pass ASTM D665
Copper Corrosion
Pass ASTM D130
4-Ball EP Test 480 kg ASTM D2783
Solid Content 25% --
Operating Temperature Range Low -23C / -10F --
High 400C / 750F --

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Method of Application:

No special handling precautions are required. Product should be thoroughly agitated prior to application for uniform dispersion of the metallic components. Can be applied while chains are hot, ideally between 150-175C (300-350F).  May be applied by brush or using a variety of special dispensing units and applicators which are available if requested. Caution should be taken during application to ensure proper venting. Although the product is designed to be non-flammable and odourless, there are fumes as the carrier product evaporates and proper ventilation should be maintained.

Available Container Sizes:

Size Metric US Imperial
Pail 20 L / 20 kg 5 gal / 45 lbs



Did you know?

High operating temperatures are
one of the most challenging conditions for lubrication.   


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