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Chain Oil

Chain oils are formulated to penetrate deep-down into areas of a chain most subject to wear including the pins, bushings and rollers.  These oils quickly evaporate in order to keep the surface areas dry and clean. This provides maximum lubrication and avoids undue dripping, residue build-up and other undesirable effects.  They are formulated to carry high loads such as conveyor systems in the mining, construction and pulp and paper industry. They are water and chemical resistant providing excellent lubricity while in operation, and they clean as they lubricate, lifting any dirt or grind and water that left from previous lubrication cycles.
All chain oils may be applied using mechanical and manual lube systems, all are fully compatible with other lubricants and lubricating systems, and all will reduce lubricant usage to a minimum while still offering superior protection and a long-lasting film of exceptional tenacity. 

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RPL-A1226 • High Temperature
• High Load



• Flake Graphite Bakery Oven Chain Oil

Petroleum Solvent Carrier with 25% Graphite Flakes
RPL-B50 • Heavy Duty
• High Temperature Chain Oil

Synthetic Carrier with 25% metallic powder additives including copper, MoS² and graphite

RPL-CR100 • Light Roller Chain Oil Semi-Synthetic
RPL-CR1000 • Heavy Duty


RPL-HT1001 • Heavy Duty
• High Temperature Chain Oil


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Did you know?

The majority of chains fail from the inside. They stretch or kink due to wear and corrosion inside the pin and bushing area.

To lubricate effectively, chain oils must be carefully engineered to penetrate and clean the inside of the chain,  removing contaminants and any trapped water, and leaving behind a heavy film of oil, grease or solid lubricant.




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