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Silicone Grease: RPL-Chemplex-710

Product Description:

RPL-Chemplex-710 silicone grease is fully synthetic PAO grease manufactured from a 100% silicone base fluid combined with an inert silica thickener to enhance its chemical and physical properties. It is smooth and tacky with an exceptional resistance to corrosive environments, acids and solvents. It has excellent high temperature stability, durability and electrical properties. Unlike certain petroleum lubricants, RPL-Chemplex-710 does not dissolve or react in the presence of many active processing materials because of its special inert properties.

RPL-Chemplex-710 prevents the sticking of valves and 0-rings at high temperatures and in freezing conditions. It provides an excellent seal between synthetic rubber and plastic parts in contact with metal in both high vacuum and pressure systems. It is used in a variety of applications where high dielectric strength, water repellency and corrosive protection are necessary.

Typical applications include valve assemblies, O-rings and plastic gears. It can also be used in bearings and gears where wide temperature ranges are encountered, especially in lower speed and lower load applications. RPL-Chemplex-710 is also suitable for a large range of "sealed-for-life" applications whenever long-term temperature performance is crucial.

Features and Benefits:

• 100% silicone base fluid with silica thickener
• Does not contain petroleum lubricants
• Compatible with elastomers and plastics
• Highly resistant to chemicals, acids and solvents
• Chemically inert
• High oxidation and temperature stability
• Wide operating temperature range

Typical Operating Properties:

NLGI Grade 1 --
Colour Translucent, White --
Thickener Inert Silica --
Penetration, Worked
60 Strokes (0.1mm)
325 ASTM D217
Dropping Point 245C / 470F ASTM D2265
Base Fluid
91.2 cSt ASTM D445
13.6 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 142 ASTM D2270
Flash Point 315C / 600F --
4-Ball Weld Load 250 kg ASTM D2596
4-Ball Wear 0.425 mm ASTM D2266
Bleed (24hrs@121C) 2.0% FTM 791-321-3
Evaporation (24hrs@200C) 2% FTM 791-321-3
Specific Gravity 0.970 ASTM D854
Operating Temperature Range Low -45C / -50F --
High 205C / 400F --

* Please note: The information, data and tables contained in this website have been carefully edited at the time of publication. However, no responsibility for possible errors or omissions can be assumed. We recommend contacting our Application Support Staff to discuss your specific requirements. We are constantly updating our products therefore technical data and specifications may change at any time without notice. 08/2017

Method of Application:

No special handling precautions are required. Follow regular maintenance instructions as provided with original equipment. Although RPL-Chemplex-710 is designed not to dissolve or react in the presence of many active processing materials and chemicals, care should be exercised. From a more comprehensive listing of specific materials and chemicals, please contact us. RPL-Chemplex-710 has an approximate shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture when stored in the original container at an ambient temperature of roughly 24C (75F).

Available Container Sizes:

Size Metric US Imperial
Cartridge 0.41 L / 400 g 14 US fluid ounces / 0.88 lbs
Gallon 3.79 L / 3.4 kg 1 gal / 7.5 lbs
Pail 18.93 L / 16 kg 5 gal / 35 lbs
Keg 56.78 L / 54 kg 15 gal / 120 lbs
Drum 208.20 L / 181 kg 55 gal / 400 lbs
* NB: Sizes and weights are approximate.


Did you know?

Silicone greases can be excellent substitutes in applications where petroleum products are unsuitable or undesirable.

For instance, plastics, paints and seals that may be damaged in the presence of petroleum will not react to silicone which tends to be chemically inert, non-toxic , non-staining and exceptionally stable.

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