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Silicone Grease

The following greases are all manufactured using a 100% synthetic silicone base fluid and a variety of thickening systems based on the application. Silicone greases have the advantage of a high viscosity indices, good shearing and chemical stability against heat, oxidation and pressure, and they tend to be chemically inert with materials that may be otherwise damaged by petroleum products including paints, seals and plastics. 

Some care should be exercised when choosing silicone products as they tend not to offer the same protection in heavy-duty and severe applications, especially when compared to most mineral, semi-synthetic, and synthetic based greases.  In particular, silicone grease compositions tend to be weaker in boundary lubrication whenever there is metal to metal contact subjected to extreme pressure, high speeds and high loads.  Contact us for more information and to determine whether a silicone grease might be appropriate for your needs.

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RPL-Chemplex-710 Silicone
• Typical applications include valve assemblies, O-rings, plastic gears.
100% Silicone Base Fluid with Silica Thickener
RPL-PRG Silicone Food Grade
• For applications requiring a silicone food grade grease
100% Silicone Base Fluid with Inorganic Gel Thickener



Did you know?

Silicone greases can be excellent substitutes in applications where petroleum products are unsuitable or undesirable.

For instance, plastics, paints and seals that may be damaged in the presence of petroleum will not react to silicone which tends to be chemically inert, non-toxic , non-staining and exceptionally stable.

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