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Providing precision lubricants is only half of the battle. Properly matching the correct lubricant to your unique set of application circumstances is the other half.  Matching a specific product to a specific application is one of the most important services our team of Application Support Specialists offers. Application Support is a critical element of our commitment to providing you with “Precision Lubricants and Lubrication Solutions”.

The primary role of Application Support:

The primary role of Application Support is to provide you with the technical information required to make informed decisions about how to solve your lubrication challenges. It includes our ability to provide:

• Detailed product information and material specifications

• Product Interchanges

• Alternative product recommendations

• Custom formulations

• Sample materials

• Prototypes for new applications

• A friendly ear to discuss ideas and possible solutions

With a successful combination of our precision lubricants and lubrication solutions, we are confident that you will see improvements in your overall machine performance and a decrease in unexpected production downtime.

Our extensive network of world-class suppliers, coupled with our in-house lubrication knowledge and our industry experience, enables us to match specific products with specific requirements. In addition, we offer an outstanding level of customer service which ensures that you will receive prompt attention on all inquiries and on-time deliveries from available inventory.

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