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Our commitment to provide you with "precision lubricants and lubrication solutions" is not only about supplying quality products and outstanding application support, but also about supplying the range of additional services needed to cover your entire lubrication requirements. In addition to our central service of providing outstanding Application Support, we are also equipped to assist you in many additional areas including:

Product Interchanges:

Product Interchanges can be a real challenge in today's lubricant environment. New products are constantly being added to the market, old ones are being made obsolete, and there is a lot of product consolidation occurring as larger players buy-out smaller players and integrate product lines.

In addition, the products themselves are getting confusing. It is not always a question of interchanging part-numbers and comparing typical operating properties. Even a "multi-purpose grease" can vary tremendously in terms of base stocks, thickeners, additives and even price points. On paper, two products may look exactly the same and even have the same typical properties, but they can still be radically different products. Without the knowledge of the chemistry behind the product, it is easy to make incorrect assumptions that can have large implications on the performance and protection of your applications.

This is where we can help. We can dig into the problem, figure out what you were using, and then provide you with alternatives. Even in the unlikely event that we do not have a specific product to meet your needs.

Lubricant Analysis:

In times when you find yourself struggling with a specific application, an excellent starting point to troubleshoot the problem is through monitoring and analysis of spent product. A thorough lubricant analysis can reveal a tremendous amount of information including particulate and chemical contamination, temperature shocks, and a wide variety of other symptoms. In addition, lubricant analysis can also help to balance the optimum timing for lubrication intervals to ensure that proper protection is available for the life of the product and then removed before break-down can occur. This way a product is not taken out too early or too late In either case, a well-balanced program ensures that you stretch your lubrication dollar as far as possible without risking failure or breakdown.

Custom Oil and Grease Formulations:

For those applications which involve highly specialized and/or extremely rare environmental conditions, we offer the ability to customize oils and grease formulas to your exact specifications. Our access to small-batch manufacturing makes it possible to order smaller minimum quantities than might otherwise be offered by other suppliers. In certain cases, it is may be possible to re-blend existing products and boost them with additional additives as required. For example, additional non-drip additives or extra-tacky products are two of the more common requests.

Disposal and Recycling:

The proper disposal and recycling of spent lubricant is becoming a major cost decision for many organizations. In certain cases, it is becoming more expensive to dispose of old product than it is to purchase new. Let us put you in touch with the people and the companies that are best able to handle these needs for you. Better yet, let us help you select an oil or grease better matched to your specific application in order to decrease the frequency of interchanges, thus reducing both the amount of spent lubricant and the associated disposal costs.

Oil Analysis and Monitoring Programs:

Lubrication is the life-blood for your equipment. Effective monitoring and proactive oil sampling will help pinpoint problem areas before they become major concerns. Establishing an effective monitoring program will help reduce your maintenance costs, extend the life of your equipment, and avoid costly occurrences of breakdown and the subsequent loss in production time.

Plant Surveys:

Setting up a new plant? Reviewing your in-house lubrication programs? Let us give you a hand with suggestions, technical information and other resources to streamline this process for you. On-site visits may be arranged to view your equipment and applications first-hand in order to make recommendations about the best lubricant for your specific environment and ways in which to optimize your in-house lubrication decisions.

General Plant Consolidation:

In many instances it may be possible to consolidate your company's overall lubrication purchases by specifying one product which is capable of delivering the performance required across a spectrum of different applications. The cost-savings are often surprising! We can often select a product with enough range to cover multiple applications.

Samples and Prototypes:

Depending on availability and the nature of your request, it may be possible to issue samples of material for evaluation purposes. Please contact a sales associate for additional information.

Please contact us for more information about these and other services you may require.


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