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The phrase “Lubrication Solution” is the second half of our philosophy and, in combination with our Precision Products, forms the basis for our service design and customer service model.

As mentioned in the previous section, our experience suggests that in many instances when it comes to lubricants, typical purchase decisions begin with the product rather than the application. Trying to create a "Lubrication Solution" is often the same. Modern customer service seems more and more focused on crossing part numbers than asking critical questions about the application itself and creating real solutions. In the case of severe needs and extreme conditions this is especially critical. If the original lubricant was not doing the job, how can a customer expect that another similar product will somehow have the magic solution?

At Davley Darmex, simply having a broad range of precision products is only half of the battle. Properly matching them with a unique set of application circumstances to create a fully optimized decision is the other half.

In its truest sense, “Lubrication Solutions” are all about good Application Support: asking the critical questions, listening carefully to your needs, and providing you with the technical and product information required to make informed decisions about how to solve your lubrication challenges.

True Application Support reflects our ability to:

• Listen to your needs and challenges

• Ask relevant questions

• Understand your application

• Help work through market information to find answers

• Provide product interchanges when required

• Provide detailed product information and material specifications

• Suggest alternative product recommendations

• Optimize a decision based on product, application and cost

• Create custom formulations in unique situations

• Provide sample materials when appropriate

• Offer a friendly ear to discuss ideas and possible solutions

• Offer outstanding customer service and prompt attention

• Provide generous inventories and on-time deliveries

• Create a lubrication solution that works for you

On many levels, we also recognize that Lubrication Solutions are about developing on-going customer relationships to provide support and information for all of your lubrication requirements. Our experience with OEM engineers, maintenance supervisors and industry specialists gives us a large base of experience to draw upon. We want to be your first call each time and every time.

It is through a successful combination of “Precision Lubricants” and “Lubrication Solutions” that we have the confidence to say that we can solve your problems and challenges.


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