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Actualizing our Philosophy:
The Product Selection Process


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In order to actualize our philosophy of providing Precision Lubricants and Lubrication Solutions, the product selection process focuses first on the application itself and then on the product. 

Step1: Information and Data Collection

When you initially call us, we will take you through a series of questions that will help us define your specific requirements and characterize the exact nature of your individual application. The more data you are able to collect – even before calling us the first time – the better we will be able to properly specify a product and a solution. A helpful checklist would include:

• The type of equipment involved including the brand, model number, general operating specifications, the age, etc.

• General industry information i.e. pharmaceutical therefore food grade

• The current lubricant being used: brand, name, product number, NLGI number, viscosity, etc.

• Specific operating conditions: speed, pressure, temperature, min/max operating speeds, loads, shocks, pressures, liquid and particle contaminants, location (inside or outside), and composition of the materials involved (soft metals, steel, plastic, etc.)

• Any recent changes i.e. higher operating speeds, shift in production to round-the-clock operations, new maintenance staff, etc.

• Performance problems currently being experienced i.e. leakage, carbonizing, blockage, particles in fluids, washout, etc.

• Lube intervals, quantity applied and other maintenance details

• Any other relevant information

Step 2: Product Recommendation and Testing

Based on the information provided, there may be additional questions required and in some cases, an on-site visit might be appropriate. We may even need to "hit the books" and do some research to interchange old products and consider other options. We may also need to check for things like compatibility of certain products with certain paints, plastics and softer metals.

We also take into account things like mineral and semi-synthetic base fluid options versus 100% synthetic options, price versus performance, and the application itself based on our experience with our products and also drawing on what other customers have done to solve similar challenges.

In some cases, we may need to supply samples for testing or, in rare cases, even tweak a formula to include a specific additive for a truly unique application. We're always learning and evolving!!

Ultimately, we will come up with a product recommendation and then quote pricing and delivery from a wide range of container options. Once you have the product, we can follow up with you see how the application responded and, in some cases, further optimize a recommendation to provide the best performance and protection at the best price.

Precision Lubricants and Lubrication Solutions. That’s what it’s all about!

The Role of Application Support
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