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At Davley Darmex Precision Lubricants, we understand that in today’s competitive environment, production machinery must run longer and under more extreme operating conditions than ever before. These higher demands are resulting in unexpected production down-times, increased repair costs, more frequent maintenance requirements, higher disposal costs and an overall decrease in machine life expectancy.

Lubricants today, like production machinery, must also work harder and in much more extreme and severe conditions. Environmental factors including temperature, pressure, contamination and a whole range of other influences compound the problems and create a unique set of circumstances for literally every single application. 

In addition, there are new products appearing in an increasingly confusing marketplace, there are constant developments in lubrication chemistry, and an overwhelming amount of product information available from sources including the Internet.  All of this means that choosing the correct lubricant has never been as difficult.  

In light of all these lubrication problems, what is a manufacturer to do? Call us.

We understand these problems and we can help. 

Our company philosophy is simple: to provide you with “Precision Lubricants” and “Lubrication Solutions.” We have a dedicated team of Application Support Specialists standing by with all of the product and technical information you need to select the best possible product for your specific application, backed by a range of technically superior lubricants that are designed to deliver the performance you require.

This is how we add value to your organization.  And this is our commitment to you.

What makes us different?
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