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Our philosophy is to provide you with Precision Lubricants and Lubrication Solutions. What makes us different is our approach to delivering both of these to you. We begin with the application itself.

It is our belief that only through a full and complete understanding of the application does it becomes possible to: 1) design an effective product; and 2) recommend a fully optimized solution.

In many instances, our experience suggests that when it comes to lubrication, typical purchase decisions begin with the product rather than the application. Someone picks up the old package, reads the old product name, and then searches to purchase the same again or else something close based on some basic interchange information and typical properties. The final purchase decision is often driven by which option has a lower price or local availability.

While it's true in many cases that
“any old grease” will probably suffice for low-demand applications, that is becoming an increasingly narrow and short-sighted approach.

The world of lubrication has come a very long way in recent years, especially at the high end of performance in severe needs and extreme applications.  Taking the time to properly specify a product can have tremendous benefits including:

• More efficient and effective lubrication

• Reduced or eliminated incidents of unscheduled production downtime

• Extended machine and component life

• Extended lubrication intervals

• Reduced noise and operating temperatures

• Reduced power consumption and energy costs

• Savings from less frequent machine repair

• Multi-grade formulations for product consolidation and inventory savings

• User and environmentally friendly products

• Less frequent disposal costs

Manufacturing today needs to take a hard look at the way in which lubrication decisions are made within its current operations. What sets us apart at Davley Darmex is our ability to focus on the requirements of application first and foremost.

Call us and we can help guide you through the process to ensure that you make the best possible decision based on a combination of precision product and lubrication solution.

What is a "Precision Lubricant?"
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