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Dispensing Equipment

There is a very wide range of standard and custom dispensing equipment available on the market ranging from simple hand-held dispensers to very complicated, plant-wide automated lube systems.  Designing the proper combination to meet your requirements can be a complicated and very specialized process. 

Although we do not carry a particular line of dispensing products ourselves, we are pleased to provide information, assistance and recommendations on companies and people you can contact to help get you the help you need.  In some cases, we will also source simple dispensing equipment on your behalf including:

• Pumps and accessories
• High pressure pumping equipment
• Portable systems
• Bulk dispensing systems
• Automated replenishment systems
• Lube meters, control valves etc.
• Fluid recovery and containment
• Grease guns and fittings
• Air Controls and accessories

And, of course, we can certainly provide you an optimized solution for oil and grease recommendations once you have a system in place.  We also do plant surveys and can help you solve problems, especially in severe need applications.


Did you know?

It is ironic that companies often spend huge amounts of capital on a lubricating system and then load it with low-grade and under-performing  lubricant products. 

Contact us and we can help ensure that the proper lubricant is selected for your system in order to maximize the operating potential.




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