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At Davley-Darmex, we appreciate the importance of environmental sensitivity and we feel that it is our responsibility to lead the way by offering the best combination of product, ease of application, and environment-friendly delivery designs. We strongly believe in fostering an ecologically and environmentally friendly workplace with a focus on global sustainability.

Historically, Davley Darmex offered an extensive line of high-end aerosol products including many of own in-house oil products delivered via traditional aerosol containers.

As a result of changing enviromental compliance and regulation of dispersing agents and propellants, we now also offer a range of option for you including automated delivery systems, reuseable containers charged with compressed air, manual pumping deilivery systems and other alternatives.

• Airline
• Belt Dressing
• Chain and Roller Chain
• Cleaner / Preservative
• Dry Film
• Food Grade
• Multipurpose
• Open Gear
• Penetrating
• Silicone
• Silicone (Food Grade)
• As well as custom blending options.

Please contact us directly regarding your aerosol requirements.


Did you know?

WWhen it come to your aerosol and atomizing requirements, please contact us directly and tell us about your requirements.

Our advantage is that we have the product, the knowledge and the experience.

We will find a solution for>

Material Safety
Data Sheets

Belt Dressing


Open Gear

Roller Chain


Silicone (Food)

SPC100 Dry Film




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