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Textile Oil: Wonderknit XL

Product Description:

Wonderknit XL Textile oil is a clear, light oil manufactured using highly refined white mineral oils and designed for a range of knitting and textile applications including shearing, spindle, roving, knitting, weaving, finishing and other related manufacturing.  It contains a complete rust and corrosion additive package that protects delicate textile machinery components and provides superior lubrication with a low co-efficient of friction. It is formulated to be readily dispersed with water and provides excellent lubricity to reduce wear.  Wonderknit XL maintains operational purity without forming acids, resigns or gummy residues.

In the case of incidental contact with fabric or fibers, Wonderknit XL  is formulated to be a truly washable oil using just plain water.  Unlike certain “scourable” textile oils, this oil can be removed without the use of commercial washing liquors or caustic cleaning agents.

Typical applications include:

•  High speed textile production machinery including needles, lifters, and sinkers

•  Rapier guides and jacquard components on weaving machines

•  Rings and travelers on yarn spinning frames and twisting equipment

•  Cutting rolls on shearing machines.


Features and Benefits:

•  A truly washable lube oil using just plain water in the case of accidental contact with fabric and fibers.  No need for caustic or commercial cleaning agents

•  Offers excellent lubricity for less wear and longer machine life

•  Low co-efficients of friction

•  Maintains operational purity without resin formation or gummy residues

•  Readily dispersible with water

•  Reduces friction

•  Excellent stability of lubricating film

•  Contains rust, corrosion and anti-wear protection

•  Non-corrosive to copper, bronze and other non-ferrous parts


Typical Operating Properties:

ISO Grade 22 --
Colour Clear --
23.1 cSt ASTM D445
3.9 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 110 ASTM D2270
Flash Point 65C
Pour Point -24C
Rust Test Pass ASTM D665
Copper Corrosion
Pass ASTM D130
API Gravity 32.6 ASTM D1298
Emulsion Test Pass --

* Please note: The information, data and tables contained in this website have been carefully edited at the time of publication. However, no responsibility for possible errors or omissions can be assumed. We recommend contacting our Application Support Staff to discuss your specific requirements. We are constantly updating our products therefore technical data and specifications may change at any time without notice. 08/2017

Method of Application:

No special handling precautions are required. Follow regular maintenance instructions as provided with original equipment. Although the RPL-SPO series oils are compatible with conventional oils, it is recommended to thoroughly drain and clean systems prior to switching over.

Available Container Sizes:

Size Metric US Imperial
Gallon 3.79 L / 3.4 kg 1gal / 7.5 lbs
Pail 18.93 L / 16 kg 5 gal / 35 lbs
Keg 56.78 L / 54 kg 15 gal / 120 lbs
Drum 208.20 L / 181 kg 55 gal / 400 lbs
* NB: Sizes and weights are approximate.



Did you know?

The RPL-SPO Series have a low volatility which helps eliminate misting and fogging and reduces the chance of fabric contamination.

In the case of incidental contact, these oils are formulated to permit the complete removal of potential residues when fabrics are washed in hot water.


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