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Hydraulic Oil

An extensive range of high performance hydraulic oils are available, each custom-blended and exclusively formulated to improve equipment performance, reduce wear, prevent slumping from high stresses over long periods of usage, and are fully compatible with normal system components.  For applications that require added performance and protection, these are the hydraulic products that will meet your needs. 

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RPL-HA Series
  • RPL-HA22
  • RPL-HA32
  • RPL-HA46
  • RPL-HA68
  • RPL-HA100
  • RPL-HA150

• Multi-purpose hydraulic oil

• Anti-wear, rust and corrosion-resistant

Mineral Base with a custom additive package
RPL-W Series
  • RPL-111W
  • RPL-112W
  • RPL-113W
  • RPL-114W
• Superior performance
• Multi-grade
• Non-leak, non-drip
Semi-Synthetic with a custom additive package
RPL-HY11LT • Extreme conditions
• Wide operating temperature range
• Long operating life
100% Synthetic



Did you know?

High pressure hydraulic leaks are a common challenge. 

All of our hydraulic oils are chemically stable and non-dangerous for incidental contact with people and the environment. 

No special clean-up or disposal measures are required in case of a leak or spill. 

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