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Multi-Purpose Machine and Hydraulic Oil:

Product Description:

RPL-G1050 lubricating oil is multi-grade oil formulated for general machine and hydraulic applications including: slides and ways, bearings, light duty gearboxes, circulating systems and hand oiling. The non-drip formula creates a cohesive film that resists fling-off, prevents rust and corrosion, and lasts longer to extend re-lube intervals.

The RPL-G1050 is designed to meet the requirements for a wide range of typical plant applications. As a result, it is an excellent selection for general plant maintenance and will allow for consolidation in the number and types of products required. One product will typically meet the performance needs for a large range of applications, reducing the number of lubricants you need to carry in stock. 

Each product is formulated to reduce wear and tear, extend service life, conserve energy, and improve cleanliness. When compared to more conventional products, the RPL-G1050 can prolong service life and extend lubrication cycles by a ratio of up to 5:1 when operating on the same equipment and in similar conditions. Ultimately, this translates into cost savings and reduced downtime. 

Features and Benefits:

• Multi-grade formula SAE10 to 50
• Compatible with all seals and gaskets.
• Low coefficient of friction with superior "stick slip" properties
• Outstanding film strength which reduces wear
• Will not carbonize or leave hard deposits
• Cleaning action disperses pre-existing build-up
• Resists thinning out at high temperatures
• Flows freely at sub-freezing temperatures
• Good adhesion to metal prevents rust and corrosion
• Non-Foaming, non-leaking, low evaporation rate

Typical Applications:

• Machine slides and ways
• Light to medium-duty gear boxes
• Motor and fan bearings
• Hydraulic systems
• Turbines
• Circulating systems
• Mist, wick or drip-feed oilers
• Hand-oiling applications

Typical Operating Properties:

ISO Grade 68 to 100 --
Colour Golden / Amber --
Viscosity, cSt@40C 65.9 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity, cSt@100C 10.6 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 150 ASTM D2270
Flash Point 204C / 400F ASTM D92
Pour Point -20C / -5F ASTM D97
Rust Test Pass ASTM D665
Copper Corrosion
Pass ASTM D130
4-Ball EP Test 250 kg ASTM D2783
4-Ball Wear Test 0.45 mm ASTM D2266
Load Wear Index 41.7 kg --
(oil / water / emulsion)
40 / 40 / 0 (10) mL ASTM D1401
Foam Characteristics 0 / 0 / 0 ASTM D892
Specific Gravity
(Water = 1.0)
0.88 ASTM D1298
Operating Temperature Range Low -12C / 10F --
High -176C / 350F --

* Please note: The information, data and tables contained in this website have been carefully edited at the time of publication. However, no responsibility for possible errors or omissions can be assumed. We recommend contacting our Application Support Staff to discuss your specific requirements. We are constantly updating our products therefore technical data and specifications may change at any time without notice. 08/2017

Method of Application:

No special handling precautions are required.  Follow regular maintenance instructions as provided with original equipment.  Although RPL-G1050 is designed to be compatible with conventional oils, it is recommended to thoroughly drain and clean systems prior to switching over.  Once switched, the RPL-G1050 typically extends lube intervals up to at least 5 times conventional lubricants and often more. 

Available Container Sizes:

Size Metric US Imperial
Gallon 3.79 L / 3.4 kg 1gal / 7.5 lbs
Pail 18.93 L / 16 kg 5 gal / 35 lbs
Keg 56.78 L / 54 kg 15 gal / 120 lbs
Drum 208.20 L / 181 kg 55 gal / 400 lbs
* NB: Sizes and weights are approximate.



Did you know?

RPL-G1050 works extremely well in a hand-held sprayer or small atomizer, making it perfect as a general and light-duty warehouse oil.


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