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Gear Oil

Gear oils are formulated specifically to meet the demands of modern industrial applications including transmissions, reducers and gear drives. Whether operating in lighter-duty fractional horsepower gearboxes or heavier-duty mill drives and crane hoists, there is a product that will deliver the performance you require in a range of alternatives from more conventional lubricants with our custom additive package up to fully 100% synthetic for extreme needs.  

The list below outlines some of the more common gear oils currently offered. Depending on your application, we are in some cases able to further customize an oil to your specific needs. For example, most of our gearbox oils are available in a clear "non-moly" formulation for applications in which the MoS2 additive is not recommended. There are also "no non-drip" alternatives which will give an oil the appropriate level of "splash" for applications such as gearboxes with internal clutch or backstop type braking mechanisms where a degree of oil sling is desired for bearing operations. Contact us for more information about these other options.

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RPL-GL Series
  • RPL-GL68
  • RPL-GL100
  • RPL-GL150
  • RPL-GL220
  • RPL-GL320
  • RPL-GL460
  • RPL-GL680
• Multi-Purpose
• Extreme Pressure
• Good Adhesion
• Non-corrosive
Mineral Base Oil with custom additive package
RPL-K Series
  • RPL-K50ND
  • RPL-K75/90ND
  • RPL-K9140ND
  • RPL-K140ND
  • RPL-K250ND
  • RPL-K1000ND
• Heavy Duty
• Extreme Pressure
• Non-Leak, Non-Drip
• MoS² Fortified
• Non-corrosive
Semi-Synthetic with custom additive package
RPL-OL Series
  • RPL-OL150
  • RPL-OL220
  • RPL-OL320
  • RPL-OL460
• Extreme conditions
• Wide Temperature Range
• Long operating life
100% Synthetic with custom additive package
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Did you know?

Selecting the correct gear oil for your application can be extremely challenging and confusing.  There is a very broad range of products and price ranges in the marketplace. 

So how do you know which is the right one?  The answer is: it depends on your specific application.

Factors including temperature, load, contaminants,  lube intervals, speed, food grade requirements, and the operating environment usually set the stage for the type of gear oil protection you need.

Contact us to help you match the correct product , at the appropriate price range, for your specific application.




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