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Compressor Oil

An extensive range of high-end air compressor oils are available for both reciprocating and rotary applications. Each product has been formulated to provide superior anti-wear protection, contamination resistance and carbon-free performance over an extended service life.  
For those particularly demanding applications which often result in frequent breakdowns or oil changes due to heat, contaminants or chemically active fluids (including water), these products will deliver the increased performance and protection that your applications require. No special precautions or handling are required and all air compressor oils are fully compatible with normal system components. 

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RPL-ACO Series
  • RPL-ACO10
  • RPL-ACO20
  • RPL-ACO30
Compressor Oil
• Rotary / Vane
• Rotary / Vane
• Rotary / Vane / Reciprocating
RPL-ACO1040 Reciprocating Compressor Oil Semi-Synthetic
RPL-H Series
  • RPL-H32
  • RPL-H46
  • RPL-H68
  • RPL-H100
Compressor Oil
• Rotary / Vane
• Rotary / Vane
• Rotary / Vane
• Rotary / Vane / Reciprocating
100% Synthetic



Did you know?

Residue build-up is a  leading causes of premature wear, increased energy consumption and early component failure.

A properly selected compressor lubricant will help your equipment run smoother, quieter and for longer.




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