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Air Line, Pneumatic Tool, Vacuum Pump
and Misting Oil

The air line, pneumatic tool, vacuum pump and misting oils that are offered below are custom blended and exclusively formulated specifically to protect the machine components related to the severe needs of air line lubrication.  They are designed to easily mist and to  "out-wet" water in order to adhere thoroughly to critical metal components.  They also trap moisture for proper exhaust from systems and have high viscosity indexes to ensure proper viscosity across a range of system temperatures from reservoir to application and through to exhaust.  They are also fully compatible with conventional lubricants and all normal system components including plastics, seals and gaskets.

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RPL-ALO100 • Air line oil
• Multi-Purpose
• Pneumatic tool oil
Mineral Base Oil with custom additive package
RPL-VP30 • Vacuum pump oil
• Misting oil
Mineral Base Oil with custom additive package



Did you know?

Early mist lubrication systems were developed by bearing manufacturers in the 1930s resulting from the inability of grease and liquid oil to satisfactorily protect high speed spindle bearings. A continuous thin-film of oil mist provided the solution.

By atomizing oil using a small amount of compressed gas (usually air), adequate lubrication could be maintained through a low pressure distribution system to multiple points of application.




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