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Semi-Fluid Grease

The following greases have been carefully designed to maintain a semi-fluid consistency which allows for easy pumpability in a range of different applications and automatic dispensing equipment.  The thickeners and base oils are carefully selected to allow for overall performance and machine protection.

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RPL-TX000 Semi-Fluid
• High EP, High Temperature
• Textile and weaving
• NLGI Grade 00
Mineral Base Fluid with Aluminum Complex Thickener
RPL-NTG-600 Semi-Fluid
• Food Grade
• Water Resistant
• NLGI Grade 000
Mineral Base Fluid with Aluminum Complex Thickener



Did you know?

Selecting the proper semi-fluid grease is not just about finding a soft enough grease that will be pumpable.  The oil that is carried in the grease is even more critical to ensure that it will deliver the level of performance you require, especially in high heat, high load and water applications.




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