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High Temperature Grease: RPL-HT600

Product Description:

Davley Darmex RPLHT600 is 100% synthetic high temperature EP grease with an inorganic thickener for use at sustained operating temperatures above 200C (400F). It is formulated using a high viscosity stable synthetic ester fluid thickened with an inorganic gel. The synthetic ester fluid has superior oxidation and thermal stability providing extended lubrication intervals at high temperatures without deteriorating into hard, abrasive or sludge-like residues. 

RPL-HT600 contains PTFE solid lubricant, a thermoplastic fluoropolymer having non-stick properties and an extremely low coefficient of friction thus helping to lower power consumption. The reduced maintenance and long lubrication life provided will reduce overall lubrication costs making it extremely cost effective.

Typical applications include a wide range of high temperature uses including fan and blower bearings, furnace door hinges, bakery, paint, kiln oven conveyor bearings, chains, tender frame ovens and other extreme temperature applications.

Note: RPL-HT600 is not compatible with other greases. Purge or clean old grease thoroughly before using.

Features and Benefits:

• High EP properties

• Rust and corrosion protection

• High temperature oxidation and thermal stability over 500F

• Long lubricant life

• Wide Temperature Range, -40 to 565F

• Non-stick properties, contains PTFE

• Non-Carbonizing – Low Volatility – maintains lubricant film at high temp.

Typical Operating Properties:

NLGI Grade 2.5 --
Colour Off-white --
Thickener Inorganic --
Penetration, Worked
60 Strokes (0.1mm) 
255 ASTM D217
Dropping Point
60 Strokes (0.1mm) 
None ASTM D2265
Base Oil Viscosity
389.1 cSt ASTM D445
27.9 cSt ASTM D445
Flash Point 300C / 572F ASTM D92
4-Ball Weld Load 315 kg ASTM D2596
4-Ball Wear 0.40 mm ASTM D2266
Operating Temperature Range Low -40C / -40F --
High 296C / 565F --

* Please note: The information, data and tables contained in this website have been carefully edited at the time of publication. However, no responsibility for possible errors or omissions can be assumed. We recommend contacting our Application Support Staff to discuss your specific requirements. We are constantly updating our products therefore technical data and specifications may change at any time without notice. 08/2017

Method of Application:

No special handling precautions are required. Follow regular maintenance instructions as provided with original equipment. It can be manually applied or dispensed using standard pumping equipment.

Available Container Sizes:

Size Metric US Imperial
Cartridge 0.41 L / 400 g 14 US fluid ounces / 0.88 lbs
Gallon 3.79 L / 3.4 kg 1 gal / 7.5 lbs
Pail 18.93 L / 16 kg 5 gal / 35 lbs
Keg 56.78 L / 54 kg 15 gal / 120 lbs
Drum 208.20 L / 181 kg 55 gal / 400 lbs
* NB: Sizes and weights are approximate.


Did you know?

The RPL-HT600 has excellent EP performance at sustained operating temperatures above 200C (400F).


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