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General and Multi-Purpose Grease: RPL-123W

Product Description:

RPL-123W is a white mineral based, multi-purpose and non-melting grease designed for a wide range of applications and temperature ranges.

Unlike RPL-123 which has an organoclay thickener, the RPL-123W has an aluminum complex thickener which allows for the white colour and yet still meets the strict performance criteria of the entire RPL-123 series. The strength of the thickener and the base oil allows for excellent anti-wear, rust and corrosion protection combined with a low coefficient of friction for extended service life and energy savings. RPL-123W is blended to ensure maximum lubricity and adhesive characteristics even when subjected to excessive heat and abnormal humidity conditions. It has superior mechanical stability even in harsh working conditions and excellent water resistant properties. It blocks out dirt, powder, lint and other solid contaminants.

Typical uses include a wide range of applications where color and a clean appearance is important including plain and sleeve bearings, textile applications, paper processing, and food applications where there is no chance of incidental food contact.

Features and Benefits:

White for applications where colour and a clean appearance is important

Excellent water resistance

Blocks dirt, powder, lint and other solid contaminants

Low coefficient of friction allows for higher speeds and energy savings

Wide temperature range 12C (10F) to 200C (400F)

Long-term stability extends service life and lube intervals


Typical Operating Properties:

NLGI Grade 2 --
Colour White --
Thickener Aluminum Complex --
Texture Smooth --
Penetration, Worked
60 Strokes (0.1mm) 
271 ASTM D217
Dropping Point 287C / 550F ASTM D2265
Base Oil Viscosity
194.2 cSt ASTM D445
17.4 cSt ASTM D445
Viscosity Index 108 ASTM D2270
Oxidation Stability
(psi loss)
3.0 ASTM D942
Rust Test Rating Pass ASTM D1743
Copper Corrosion
Pass ASTM D130
Water Washout(% weight loss) 0.1 ASTM D1264
4-Ball Weld Load 500 kg ASTM D2596
4-Ball Wear 0.54 mm ASTM D2266
Timken Load 86 lbs ASTM D2509
Operating Temperature Range Low -12C / 10F --
High 200C / 400F --

* Please note: The information, data and tables contained in this website have been carefully edited at the time of publication. However, no responsibility for possible errors or omissions can be assumed. We recommend contacting our Application Support Staff to discuss your specific requirements. We are constantly updating our products therefore technical data and specifications may change at any time without notice. 03/2010

Method of Application:

No special handling precautions are required. Follow regular maintenance instructions as provided with original equipment.

Available Container Sizes:

Size Metric US Imperial
Cartridge 0.41 L / 400 g 14 US fluid ounces / 0.88 lbs
Pail 18.93 L / 16 kg 5 gal / 35 lbs
Keg 56.78 L / 54 kg 15 gal / 120 lbs
Drum 208.20 L / 181 kg 55 gal / 400 lbs
* NB: Sizes and weights are approximate.



Did you know?

RPL-123W offers the same advantages as RPL-123 with the added benefit of a white appearance for applications where colour and a clean appearance is important.


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