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General and Multi-Purpose Grease

An extensive range of  general and multi-purpose greases are available for a variety of applications. Each product is formulated to enhance performance by providing extra lubricity, exceptional anti-wear protection and a wide operating range. 

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RPL-Renolit-HEP Series
  • RPL-Renolit-HEP-0
  • RPL-Renolit-HEP-1
  • RPL-Renolit-HEP-2
General Purpose Mineral Base with Lithium Thickener
RPL-123 General Purpose Mineral Base with Organoclay Thickener
RPL-123HT General Purpose
  • High Temperature
Semi-Synthetic Base with Organoclay Thickener
RPL-123LT General Purpose
  • Low Temperature
  • Food Grade
100% Synthetic Base with Aluminum Complex Thickener



Did you know?

Care must be taken not to equate the words "general" and "multi-purpose" with  "conventional." There is a difference!

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